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Used for tooth colored fillings, chipped teeth, filling a small space, color change, shape change or veneers. Our patient combined the benefits of bonding and orthodontic treatment to achieve a straighter smile!


Used to replace and support missing tooth structure with strong ceramic material. Our patient replaced older crowns with dark metal visible along the gum area. Working with the periodontist, new crowns & tissue are now in harmony for a brighter smile!

Broken Tooth

The benefits of our CEREC technology made this a one visit stop to restore and match a broken front tooth with a ceramic crown. No need for a temporary crown with constant worries about it falling out to restore this smile!

CEREC Technology Crowns

Ceramic materials are strong and long lasting. Conservative techniques often require less removal of natural tooth structure. Ceramic materials feel like enamel and look natural in your mouth. Eliminating the use of metal can reduce  sensitivity and improve tissue comfort for a  healthier smile!

Implants with CEREC Technology

Implant systems have coordinated precision fit components and specialty blocks that allow placement  of a crown with our CEREC technology. This is a constantly evolving and state of the art technology. Benefits include less lab time and more options to efficiently restore your smile!

Complete Treatment

Routine examinations, x-rays, and cleanings will keep you on the right path for a smile to last a lifetime. Stress on your body may cause changes to your dental health.  Urgent dental concerns such as  infections in the mouth may have have systemic complications. Let’s talk about how to keep you healthy and smiling!

Dental Ceramic Materials

Digital Ceramic Dentistry

Major and longer term dental treatment often requires us to coordinates your dental care with local specialists. Our dental toolbox may include periodontal treatment, endodontic therapy, crowns, implants, bridges, whitening and more. Our goal of achieving a healthy smile will often benefit from a combination of the latest available dental technologies and materials.

Ceramic Advantages

Today’s ceramic materials are strong. Shade selection offers a wide range of choices. CAD/CAM technology allows milling from a solid block instead of the traditional layering of porcelain over metal. Advantages include no dark line at the edge of the crown and no unnatural looking opaque area trying to mask the underlying metal color.

E.Max Ceramic Material

CAD/CAM technology offers the advantage of providing conservative dentistry with ceramic blocks that require less removal of natural tooth structure.  The high strength of of e.max lithium disilicate has been confirmed with many years of clinical use and outstanding performance with a combination of excellent flexural strength and high fracture toughness. 

Ceramic Glazing

Maximum strength and color transformation for e.max lithium disilicate ceramic material takes only minutes with glazing and crystallization in our Programat furnace.  Meeting the high strength requirements for Implant abutments and the amazing hybrid abutment crown (2-in-1) is another highly efficient function of our in-office furnace. These restorations offer excellent biocompatibility with oral soft tissues.

Empress Ceramic Material

High esthetic and excellent strength values are possible with the selection of Empress, a glass-ceramic, leucite-based material  that offers a lifelike appearance without the use of a furnace. The ability to scatter light naturally provides a  chameleon effect. This ceramic is less abrasive than the porcelain fused to metal crowns and kinder to your opposing teeth.


Custom staining and glazing done in our office allows us to synchronize multiple crowns or add characterization to a single crown to blend with your natural smile. Restoring natural teeth, implants or a combination of conditions to restore your smile to proper function is easier and more affordable with today’s digital dentistry featuring our CEREC technology. 

Dental Treatment Technologies

Digital X-rays

Less radiation is required to capture an image of your tooth with sensors. Instant  images can be easily enhanced to assist a quick dental diagnosis. Our portable Nomad X-ray unit allows us to remain in the room at all times. No chemical use is required. Digital x-ray images are easily shared.


Determining the extent of tooth decay will shape your treatment options. A clinical exam supported with an x-ray can often confirm a diagnosis of an abscess, cracked tooth, unusual anatomy and more information vital to determining your treatment  decisions.

Magnification System

Our technology choices include use of magnified video and still views of your mouth. We want you to understand your treatment and ask questions. Documenting procedures can be helpful when submitting to insurance or sharing information with dental specialists

Computerized Anesthesia Delivery System

Your comfort is our greatest concern! We use a gentle system that carefully dispenses a uniform flow rate of anesthesia to achieve maximum numbness. Our patients say never again to a scary metal syringe!

Universal Precautions

Infection control procedures include the latest sterilization techniques, gloves , masks, and disposable products for each patient. Magnification loops with illumination assists diagnosis and greatly enhances my ability to provide the highest quality dentistry! 

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic procedures can transform your smile. Options include affordable in-office whitening that will  brighten your natural smile to porcelain veneers that can change the shape, size, and color of your smile. Crowns and veneers may be an alternate to or used in addition to braces to eliminate small gaps between teeth.

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